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What is a Commissary, and Why Do you Need One?

Depending on your health department, you may require a hot dog cart commissary. Commissaries include restaurants and delis, which produce and preserve specific consumable food products for you on a short-term or permanent basis. You shouldn’t feel burdened by the health department’s restrictions when preparing and storing perishable items if you have a commissary close to your standard vending location. 

Commissaries provide you with a range of services that make your day-to-day operations easier and also satisfy your health inspector needs. Its primary function is to provide refrigeration and storage space, prepare some perishable items, and ensure that all of these things are compliant with health department standards for a fee. These services make your business easier to run. The hot dog meat could be stored here, and your regular supplies of sliced onions and grated cheese could be kept there. Positive working relationships with reputable commissaries benefit your company greatly.

For the remainder of your list, you’ll need to do some comparison shopping. There are a variety of items in this category: condiments, potato chips, sodas, and other beverages, plastic cutlery, baggies for hotdogs, napkins, takeout, cleaning supplies, and propane gas. 

There are numerous sources of these goods, specialized supermarkets, big-box retailers, cleaning supply companies, and discount grocery stores. Keeping many of these items in the home office is within your rights, but you must comply with any local health codes.

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