food cart health code

Licensing and Permits

The cost of an annual health department license may range from $50 to $250, depending on the county. A waitlist is available for cities with limited availability, like New York. If you are putting on a special event such as a car show or sporting event, you will need a license.

Find out what the requirements for all three of these kinds of licenses are from your local authorities. They may be required in some places. Business permits are not required in all places. Meanwhile, make sure to know the rules and regulations in your area that pertain to food vendors. You can complete many of these functions on the city’s website, which is available 24 hours a day.

The course may require you to prepare and handle food. The police are not lawfully required to protect you, but it is an excellent idea. Several full workdays may be required for the food handling coursework. All local health requirements for your hot dog cart will be outlined in the information you receive. This course is separate and will be charged separately. It may be provided directly by the health department or by a company approved by it.

If your state requires your hot dog cart to meet specific quality standards, you may be required to submit information about them. To ensure that it meets all of the health codes in their area, they want to make sure that the hotdog cart is fully licensed and insured. On our website, you can download these specifics, drawings, and specifications under the Cart Selection section, which contains photos of all of the different hot dog carts we offer.

NSF Certification

In some counties, health departments will ask whether the hotdog cart was NSF-approved. It is a quality control organization that verifies whether food equipment is designed, constructed, and operated according to standards. An NSF-certified piece of equipment is additionally free of contamination. WillyDog does not have a certification for its equipment. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of hotdog carts, so getting approval was a problem. WillyDogs hot dog carts charge for NSF authorization because it requires more time and effort to obtain.

If the county requires NSF certification, you must specify when ordering so that the proper certification documentation and processes can be completed on your hotdog cart.

You should familiarize yourself with health safety regulations in your area. If you have a hotdog cart, you can possibly sell a variety of foods, but you will also have to order alternatives, which may influence the cart you choose. On our website, you can find a manual that provides standard operating practices for complying with most health standards.


Please keep in mind that the local health department may also have slightly different procedures and standards than the ones mentioned here. Imagine the difference between a sink built to wash hands and one that is used to wash dishes or food preparation tools. There are several county health officials who require that hotdog carts use handwashing facilities and that dishes be cleaned after they have prepared and served food. Please verify that all of the prerequisites have been met when purchasing a hot dog cart.

A health department official may also inspect your cart once you have received it and before you begin using it. In addition to the price, there is another factor.

For further questions about compliance with health code standards, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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