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Health Department Regulations for Food Cart Vendors

Every city, county and state may have slightly different regulations for their food cart vendors.  Usually, it is the county that dictates how the cart must be built. Sometimes the state and city will also require some additions or modifications.  It is always important to find out these regulations before purchasing your hotdog cart.  If the food cart does not meet the local requirements, you will not be allowed to use the cart. At All American Hot Dog Carts, we will work closely with you to make sure your cart exceeds health and safety inspections. We will not sell you a cart that you cannot use!

The regulations put forth by the local health departments. Usually, they dictate what type of food can or cannot be served from the hot dog cart. Also, what type of equipment can be installed on the hot dog cart.  Appliances such as BBQ Grills or Blackstone Griddles are the most popular additions to the food carts. They allow the vendor to expand their menu from just hotdogs to sausages, burgers etc. If you are thinking of expanding your menu beyond hot dogs and sausages, make sure you let your health inspector know your plans.

Food Cart Health Codes

Even though health codes can seem complicated, it is important to remember that they are in place to protect the health of you and your clients. These codes make sure that the food cart has the necessary requirements for food safety and employee hygiene.  Common hot dog cart health codes include having hot & cold pressurized water, a hand sink and ware washing sinks, an insulated icebox cooler or refrigerator.  Your health inspector will let you know if you need something different.

When preparing for your local inspection, it is always best to try out your food cart at home with friends to get used to the operation of your hotdog cart. We always suggest having your hot water ready, meat thermometer on hand, and appropriate cleaners ready.  Once all your food cart inspections are completed, take time to be proud of yourself! Starting a business is a huge accomplishment, and you are now ready to do the fun part – make money!  If you need assistance, we are here to help with any questions that you may have.

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