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Psychological factors that affect sales

Keeping Your Customers Coming Back – How to Motivate Them

There’s more to successful selling than putting up a sign and waiting for people to come running.

While All American presents different marketing challenges than, for example, operating a grocery store, the fundamentals of sales are universal. Initially, you must attract customers to your website and then encourage them to purchase your products. You should anticipate and meet your customers’ expectations at the point of sale.

In order to ensure the continued growth and success of your business, you must follow this selling cycle – attracting customers, fostering sales, and satisfying customer need.

Keeping an existing customer is easier than attracting new ones!

The First Sale:

Once a customer has been drawn to your vending site, four factors are necessary for a successful sale:

1. It is essential that the customer understands what is being sold and at what price.

2. Professionally made signs are a must. (no homemade “marker on cardboard” signs)

3. Even if you have many customers at once, you must be able to serve them all.

4. You must request the sale.

Here are some tips on upselling:

Don’t forget to upsell to your customers. It’s really that easy. All you have to do is ask. Or offer a constructive suggestion.

If you want a drink, don’t ask “Would you like that with a drink?”.

Then ask, “Would you like any type of drink with it?”

You might say, “Why don’t you try one of our Smokin’ Willy’s?” if a customer is indecisive or unsure. Apparently, most of the guys like it.”

You can assist your customer by asking questions like: “Would you like cheese on that?that?that? Or do you want to try the Red Onion sauce?”

This is not perceived by customers as an “upselling” attempt, but rather as a personal interest on their part.


In terms of pricing, there are no hard and fast rules.

Start by polling your competitors or other businesses in your neighborhood that are similar to yours.

Your product should not be priced too low. A 25% premium over your competitors is not unreasonable.

This is due to a simple reason. Your customers will be happy to pay more if you do a great job, offer a great product, and do it in a unique way. Successful franchises in the food service industry adhere to this philosophy.

Additionally, customers will be willing to pay more if your location is convenient.

Dealing with customers:

It is just as important how you speak to your customers as what you say.

Be friendly, upbeat, and positive at all times.

Don’t shout at customers to get their attention – “Hey!” What do you want? “”””

Smiling and saying “Hello” or “Good Morning” will do. If you had what they wanted, they would remember you.

Maintain a clean and neat environment. Your umbrella is a sign that you are open.

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