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Dress Code for your Hot Dog Cart Staff

It is important that a person’s appearance conveys the professionalism expected in the food service industry. Having your staff dress professionally and consistently will help set you apart from your competition and make your customers comfortable.  Customers will remember the positive experience they had at your hot dog cart and become regulars in no time at all. 

The importance of clean, stain-free clothing cannot be overstated. 

A clean “uniform” should be required of all staff. This may consist of a T-Shirt and/or hat that have your company logo on them. You may want to supply each new employee with a t-shirt and hat and give them the option to purchase more. Hats are great because they also keep hair tucked away from food products, something that may be required by your local health department anyway. 

Shorts and jeans are generally okay for employees to wear while working at a hot dog cart, as the nature of the business is a bit more casual than a sit-down restaurant environment. Staff should wear clothing that is clean and comfortable for them and avoid wearing items with offensive messages or logos. Clothing that is torn or worn out is not appropriate either. Wide sleeves and excessively loose clothing should be avoided due to the potential to touch food while reaching across the grill.  Footwear should be closed-toe sneakers or Crocs. Sandals may be permitted but that is up to your discretion on whether you think that is professional looking or not. 

It’s also a good idea to set staff up with a fanny pack they can store bills and coins in. It is an efficient and safe option. Plastic gloves for food handling is also a good idea. And while dress code is very important, make sure your staff always serve customers with a smile and carry themselves with a pleasant, warm demeanor. 

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