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Best Combo Items to Sell at a Hot Dog Cart

It’s always a good idea to have some additional items for sale at your hot dog cart. This is great for your customers who might like the idea of a combo, and it allows you to make some extra cash! Here we explore the add on items we think work best at a hot dog cart. This is an evolving list, so if there is anything you think we should add please let us know!

The top item you can upsell at your hot dog cart is cold drinks. You never want to run out of cold drinks. Our favorite ones to stock are bottled water, Coke/Pepsi/Diet, Ginger ale, Sprite, and Fanta. You can always mix it up with locally made sodas, or different varieties like Ting or Jarrito. Fries are another easy add on that are perfect for a hot dog combo. If you are considering hot dog cart accessories, a fryer might be a good option to add more products to your cart.  Fries are also an item that people may even want to order solo. Lastly, fancy condiments are a fun addition to your menu that you can do a small upcharge on. These hot dog condiments could include fried onions, crispy bacon, cheese, baked beans, potato chips, and more… For $1 – $2 extra, people will love having the option to dress up their hot dog.

What Items don’t work at a hot dog cart?

Now, this is just from our own personal experience, so what works for your hot dog business might vary, but there are a couple items that just didn’t work for us! We found that Ice Cream was not a good seller at the hot dog cart. Whether or not people wanted to add an ice cream to their order depended very much on the weather. Frozen treats are hard to keep at an optimal temperature unless you have the right equipment. Melty chocolate bars are also difficult to keep at a consistent quality. You can’t display them at the cart without risking them melting. They can get damaged if you move them around too much when you’re opening and closing for the day. If you want to offer something sweet, consider candies like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Berries, or Starburst, which are more resilient in fluctuating temperatures and last longer!
Do you have any combo options at your hot dog cart? Do you keep it simple, or switch it up often with special items and deals? Let us know what works best for you in the comments!

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